So I already cheated a little this year with my reading goal of reading 30 books by finishing a book I was 85 % done on January 1st. The book I’m talking about is Heroes Die by Mathew Stover. What made this book stand out for me was that it’s not a straight up fantasy book. It’s partial science-fiction and mostly fantasy. It’s also very dark and violent. Actors are sent to a parallel world to the land of Ankhana where swords and sorcery are common. These actors have adventures that viewers back on Earth not only watch but immerse themselves in, thus living the adventure like they were actually in a movie. I know is sounds crazy but it works in this book. Hari Michaelson plays the character of Caine, the greatest warrior of Ankhana who goes on his final adventure to rescue his estranged wife who is trapped in Ankhana and only has days to live. That doesn’t sound too hard but no one knows where she is and Hari’s handlers back home are only interested in ratings, so Caine is sent to assassinate Emperor Ma’elKoth before he do any rescuing. Even though I usually lean towards  science-fiction books more than fantasy, I really enjoyed reading Heroes Die.

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