Because of my love of comic books I’m a sucker for novels based on comic books. The The Last Days of Krypton is the story of what happens on Krypton before it is destroyed and baby Superman escapes to Earth and is written by Kevin J. Anderson. Kevin J. Anderson has written many books and a good amount of these books take existing franchises and expand them. He’s done this with Star Wars, Dune, and now Superman. Unfortunately The The Last Days of Krypton was not as good as the they books Anderson has written. The book follows the rise of General Zod as he rises to power from a series of catastrophic events and the life of Jor-El.  These catastrophic events happen so frequently that it becomes ridiculous and Jor-El becomes the boy who cried wolf by the end of the book. If you are comic fan and feel you must read this book do yourself a favor and get it from the library.

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